Character Creation

Players are free to choose whatever Homeworld/Career they like, from any of the following books: Dark Heresy, Inquisitor’s Handbook, Radical’s Handbook. Players may ignore certain Homeworld/Career restrictions if they have a good RP justification for it.

After rolling for starting fate points, convert your fate points into a fate score based on the following: 1 fate point = 60 fate score, 2 fate points = 70 fate score, 3 fate points = 80 fate score. See House Rules for an explanation of the fate score system.

Before spending starting XP, pick a single skill from the skills chart. Your character becomes trained in that skill. This is meant to reflect a hobby or special skill your character picked up at some point in his life, outside of his normal career path. However, only psykers may take Psyniscience. Similarly, non-tech priests starting with tech use are frowned upon (except those from Forge Worlds). If you choose a skill your character received as part of his starting Homeworld/Career package, you may raise it to +10. Otherwise, this skill does not alter the standard career tree (in other words, if your character has Navigation as an optional skill in his career’s first rank, and Navigation +10 as an optional skill at rank three, and you choose it as your special skill, you may not raise it to +10 until you reach rank three).

Keep in mind when spending starting XP that your character is not an Inquisitorial agent. Therefore, you should avoid investing in any skills related the the Inquisition (such as Ciphers (Acolyte)) without an excellent RP reason.

Character Concept Advice

Your character’s homeworld/ship was decimated, destroyed, or otherwise made unlivable at some point in the last 20 years. You drifted for a while before being selected to participate in the colonization of Monsantine. At some point after colonization, however, you lost your job (or maybe you never really had one) are now part of a small gang, surviving the food shortages by smuggling or stealing what little food you can, and generally existing on the fringes of society.

Character Creation

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