House Rules

Fate Score

Fate points have been replaced by a fate score. The score is determined at character creation as follows – 1 fate point = 60 fate score, 2 fate points = 70 fate score, 3 fate points = 80 fate score. When a player would otherwise die, he may roll against his fate score; on a succeeding roll, he will survive but lose 10 points from his fate score. If his fate roll fails, he dies. Players may also reroll any roll (except a fate roll) as many times as they wish by burning 1 point of their fate score permanently for each reroll.


Rules for eating and drinking will be strictly enforced. If your character cannot obtain food, he suffers one level of fatigue, cumulatively, for each day he has gone without eating. Characters who receive “hunger fatigue” will not pass out as per the usual fatigue rules, but if they receive fatigue from another source, hunger fatigue factors in when calculating the results. Characters who go for TBx10 days without eating will die. Thirst fatigue is calculated the same way, except that when a character’s total thirst fatigue is equal to his TB, he dies.

House Rules

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