Ingenuity is the capitol and only city on Monsantine. It boasts a population of about 30 million, and is laid out into six districts around the central hub of the Hive Spire.

At the time of colonization, it was unclear whether Monsantine would eventually become a hive world or an agriworld. An administrative error resulted in all of the parts for a hive being dropped on planet, but none of the construction equipment or crews. Some of the colonists spread around the planet, building small, private farms, but the rest settled on top of the hive parts. The city of Ingenuity, named for the spirit in which the colonists built their city, runs over, under, around and through these parts. As a result, it looks slightly less chaotic than a normal hive, but far less vertical; Ingenuity takes up about 3000 square kilometers.

The six districts of Ingenuity are:

In addition, the center hub of the city is the Hive Spire, which contains the Administratum, Worker’s Council, Colonial Police, the Governor’s Palace, and extensive gardens.


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