Sons of Justice

The Sons of Justice see themselves as puritanical pilgrims, blessed by their presence on a new world and eager to turn it into a fitting tribute to the Emperor. In their quest to convert Monsantine into a shrine world, they have rebuilt many of the hive parts in their section of Ingenuity into statues of the Emperor, the largest of which is 90 feet long (it shows the Emperor in repose).

Their name comes from their belief that all of humanity is literally biologically descended from the Emperor, the “font of all justice.” They spend much of their time inspecting pregnant women and newborns to see if the Emperor has decided to repopulate his people.

Although they call themselves “Sons,” they contain about 10% women in their ranks. They are by far the most violent of the four factions, and regularly tie accused heretics to their statues to burn them as a public spectacle. The statues most commonly used for burning heretics have become known as the “Black Emperors.”

The key moment in the history of the Sons of Justice was their destruction of the temples and membership of the Order of the Open Arms, also known as the ‘Bracers, for consorting with xenos. The destruction of the ‘Bracers opened the way for the Sons to step up and take the ‘Bracers’ former territory; the Sons are now the largest of the four factions in terms of membership and area of influence.

Sons of Justice

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