The Street Life


You’re down on your luck, and food is hard enough to come by for people with jobs. You’re living in what amounts to a junkyard in The Launch, and you’ve fallen in with a group of similarly situated individuals. You’re from all different backgrounds, but somehow you’re going to have to make this work and act as a team. If you can’t pull together, before long you’re going to be pulling each other apart…gotta eat to live, probably gotta steal to eat. If you can’t find food to steal, you can always look for valuables; you know a fence, Bliz, who can hook you up.

Taking the Fall

You were the victims of a set-up, and after clearing your names, have set out to find the perpetrator. You have eliminated the leaders of a child cannibalism ring and spent some time in the company of the Emeriti, but seem to be no closer to your goal for it. Your latest lead was the discovery of the bodies of the bar owner and security supervisor who you’d investigated earlier. In order to uncover the conspiracy that framed you, you must discover the connection between these two, and continue your quest for Survival…

The Red Moons

Getting Stuck In

You successfully stole food from the Governor’s backup party, securing your survival. You were then inducted as agents of the Red Moons, a mercenary organization supporting the Imperial Guard and represented by Mellion. You were tasked with assassinating the ex-Guard Commander Olnius. After gaining his trust and murdering him, you received an equipment allocation as a reward for officially joining the Red Moons. Once you’d recovered from the battle, Mellion informed you of your first job.

The Secrets of the Cults

You have been assigned to investigate the four cults of Monsantine in order to “dig up some dirt” on their activities.


Beyond the Reach Lithros