The Launch

The Launch is the spaceport district of Ingenuity, where processed food is taken to be shipped off-planet. The shuttle exhaust has made it a filthy, inhospitable place; combined with the techpriests who can be seen scurrying everywhere maintaining the spaceport, The Launch could easily be transplanted to a Forge World without making much difference.

This district is filled with spare parts, machine fluids, and starving people. Here, where fully processed foods come through on a daily basis, security is perhaps the highest anywhere on Monsantine. Shipments are heavily guarded, and dozens of people lose their lives each week trying to steal enough to get by. The local tech shrines collect the bodies at the end of each day, and the locals wisely do not inquire about their fates.

The Launch was constructed with the power generator and spaceport facilities of the hive, and provides what little power is used throughout Ingenuity, most of which goes directly to the Hive Spire. It is not well suited as a residential district; most spaceport workers commute from another district, and the ones who live in The Launch are the poorest of Ingenuity’s citizens.

Orphaned children who are too rude or ugly to be taken in by any of the priests often find themselves in one of The Launch’s roving street gangs. A popular dare these children play is known as “The Escape,” where they urge each other on in an attempt to stow away on one of the food shuttles. None of the children who worked up the nerve to actually sneak aboard a shuttle has ever returned; their fates are unknown.

The Launch

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